Welcome To The Monday Ramblers

We Hike The Olympic Peninsula...

After many years of hiking both on the Olympic Peninsula and elsewhere a cadre of hikers has formed a new hiking group which incorporates suggestions made over the years by various hikers. This new hiking group keeps some familiar customs enjoyed and appreciated by hikers everywhere.  You are invited to join this new group on its adventure. Please feel free to share this message with those you think would also enjoy being outdoors with like-minded people.

We are the Monday Ramblers.

Here are our guidelines:

  •   We will have a printed schedule of hikes. This will allow you to know in advance where we will be going, so that you can make a decision about your participation.

  •   All hikers are encouraged to suggest hikes. We want to know where you’d like to go. Keep in mind that some trails are not accessible during the winter months but can be scheduled for spring/summer.

  •   All hikers are encouraged to lead a hike, providing that they are familiar with the hike, either by hiking it in advance or by researching information about the hike from hiking books or websites such as Olympic Nat’l Forest, Olympic Nat’l Park, and Washington Trails Assoc.

  •   Hikes are an all-day commitment. We don’t “hurry home” as we really like to be out in our beautiful landscape. If you have another commitment the afternoon of a hike, pass on the hike and join us the following week.

  •   No companion animals can come on a Ramblers hike.  Most of the trails we use don't allow companion animals and those that do require the animal be on a leash at all times.  It doesn't work for the animal and other hikers for a companion animal to be on a hike.  

  •   Every hiker should be willing to be a “sweep” for half a hike, either before or after lunch to ensure that no hiker is left behind.

  •   If there are two or more cars for a hike, at least two cars will remain at the trailhead until all hikers have returned and both cars are ready to leave.

  •   We will have a roster of hikers.
    Each hiker is required to provide an email address and emergency contact name(s) and phone number(s) and home address in order to hike with this group. By putting your name on the roster you acknowledge that there can be dangers in hiking and that you accept those dangers.

  •   Hike communication will be by email. 

  •   Tailgating at the end of a hike is fun and important to us.  Bring your coffee, tea, juice, etc. and occasional treats to share.  Each hiker will compensate the driver to help with travel expenses, based on the current fuel prices. 

     Meeting times: We depart the Sequim Public Parking Lot (see below) at 8:30AM.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier for announcements and car assignments.  

     Meeting place: Sequim City parking lot on Sequim Ave, just north of intersection with Washington Ave. -- Ample parking and restrooms, easy access to U.S. 101. 


Doin' The Rambler Shuffle