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Because the Ramblers website is a “free” site there is very little server storage with this site’s host.  For that reason, individual pictures can’t be posted here because there’s no place to store them.  To get your hiking photos posted here you’ll need to create an online album, submit the album’s URL (link) to the webmaster who will then post the link on the Monday Ramblers website.  In this way your photos are not stored here but somewhere else with the link acting as a map to take viewers to your photos.  Here’s what to do: 

  1. If you do not already have an account with a photo sharing website, create one.  There are a number of such sites that let you store, share, edit, and create individual photo albums for free.  Many people use sites such as Flickr, Google Photos, Apple's iCloud Photo Sharing or Photobucket but there are other sites that also offer free photo sharing.  You can’t use a social network site (e.g., Facebook) because people who don’t have an account on that social network will not have access to your photos.
  2. Upload your hike photos to your photo sharing account.  If your photo sharing site initially puts all your photos into one large folder (e.g., Flickr calls it your Photostream) then you'll need to create an album for just that one hike’s photos and move that hike’s photos to its album.  Each hike should be in its own album.  Most of these free photo sharing sites place no restrictions on the number of albums you can have nor the number of photos within an album.  Share as many photos as you want for each hike.  
  3. After you’ve created an album with your chosen hike’s photos, email the URL (link) to the Monday Ramblers webmaster.  The webmaster will then post the link to your photos on the Ramblers website citing you as the photographer.

Once the link to your photos is posted on the Ramblers website everyone will be able to enjoy the photos you took.  And thanks for sharing!

4th Anniversary @ Fort Townsend 10-16-17 (See, S.)

Storm King 9-25-17 (See, S.)

Moose Lake 7-24-17 (Nervik, R.)

Moose Lake (2)  7-24-17 (Nervik, R.)

Moose Lake 7-24-17 (See, S.)

Tubal Cain Mines 5-22-17 (See, S.)

Tubal Cain Mine 5-22-17 (Serkes, R.)

Dodger Point Bridge 4-24-17 (See, S.)

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse 4-17-17 (Serkes, R.)

Hansville 3-20-17 (See, S.)

Hansville 3-20-17 (Serkes, R.)

Woods Road 2-27-17 (See, S.)

Fort Townsend 1-23-17 (Serkes, R.)

Fort Townsend 1-23-17 (See, S.)

Kitsap Heritage Park 1-02-17 (See, S.)

Heart of the Forest 12-19-16 (See, S.)

Slab Camp to Slide Camp 11-14-16 (See, S.)

Mount Walker 11-7-16 (See, S.)

Lower Dungeness 10-31-16 (See, S.)

Chocolate Cake Fete aka Fort Flagler 10-17-16 (See, S.)

Lillian Ridge to Moose Lake 10-3-16 (Serkes, R.)

Tunnel Creek To 5050 Pass 9-26-16 (Nervik, R.)

Tull Canyon To Lunch Meadow 8-29-16 (Serkes, R.)

Tubal Cain To Buckhorn Pass 8-22-16 (Serkes, R.)

Notch Pass 8-15-16 (Serkes, R.)

Deer Park To Roaring Winds 8-1-16 (Serkes, R.)

Slab Camp To Deer Park 6-27-16 (Nervik, R.)

Elwha Valley Road Walk 6-20-16 (Serkes, R.)

Mink Lake Plus 6-6-16 (Nervik, R.)

Lake Angeles 5-30-16 (Nervik, R.)

Lower Gray Wolf River 5-23-16 (Nervik, R.)

Lower Gray Wolf River 5-23-16 (Serkes, R.)

Camp Handy & Beyond 5-16-16 (Nervik, R.)

Camp Handy & Beyond 5-16-16 (Serkes, R.)

Big Hump/Little Hump 5-9-16 (Nervik, R.)

Mt. Zion & Sleepy Hollow 5-02-16 (Nervik, R.)

Lena Lake 4-25-16 (Nervik, R.)

Ebey's Landing 4-18-16 (Serkes, R.)

Dosewallips Campground 4-11-16 (Nervik, R.)

Striped Peak 4-4-16 (Nervik, R.)

Elwha River Estuary 2-29-16 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Elwha River Estuary 2-29-16 (Serkes, R.)

Hansville via Point/No Point 2-22-16 (Serkes, R.)

Lyre River 2-1-16 (See, S.)

Lyre River 2-1-16 (Serkes, R.)

Fort Worden 1-25-16 (Serkes, R.)

Spruce RR Trail 12-07-15 (Davenport, N.)

Notch Pass 11-23-15 (See, S.)

Notch Pass 11-23-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Bainbridge Island 11-2-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Heart of the Forest 10-26-15 (Serkes, R.)

Mount Muller 10-12-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Silver Lakes 10-5-15 (See, S.)

Silver Lakes 10-5-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Little River 9-14-15 (See, S.)

Little River 9-14-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Whiskey Bend Road 9-7-15 (Davenport, N.)

Whiskey Bend Road 9-7-15 (Serkes, R.)

Whiskey Bend Road 9-7-15 (See, S.)

Ozette Triangle 8-24-15 (Davenport, N.)

Lower Gray Wolf 7-27-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Grand Ridge 7-20-15 (Davenport, N.)

Grand Ridge 7-20-15 (Serkes, R.)

Marmot Pass 7-13-15 (See, S.)

Switchback/Lake Angeles/Down 7-6-15 (See, S.)

Switchback/Lake Angeles/Down 7-6-15 (Serkes, R.)

Victor Pass 6-29-15 (Davenport, N.)

Victor Pass 6-29-15 (See, S.)

Victor Pass 6-29-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Mink Lake And More 6-22-15 (Serkes, R.)

Mink Lake And More 6-22-15 (See, S.)

Mount Townsend 6-15-15 (Serkes, R.)

Mount Townsend 6-15-15 (See, S.)

Deception Pass South 6-8-15 (Davenport, N.)

Deception Pass South 6-8-15 (See, S.)

Deception Pass South 6-8-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Boulder Falls 6-1-15 (Davenport, N.)

Boulder Falls 6-1-15 (See, S.)

Boulder Falls 6-1-15 (Serkes, R.)

Tubal Cain 5-18-15 (Serkes, R.)

Lena Lake 5-11-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Lena Lake 5-11-15 (Serkes, R.)

Big Hump/Little Hump 5-4-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Hansville 4-27-15 (Serkes, R.)

Hansville 4-27-15 (See, S.)

Hansville 4-27-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Mount Zion And Gold Creek 4-20-15 (Davenport, N.)

Mount Zion and Gold Creek 4-20-15 (See, S.)

Camp Handy and Grindstone Camp 4-13-15 (Davenport, N.)

Mount Pleasant 4-6-15 (Serkes, R.)

Striped Peak/Salt Creek 3-30-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Slab Camp To Slide Camp 3-23-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Almost To Lake Angeles 3-16-15 (See, S.)

Sequim To Blyn 3-2-15 (Davenport, N.)

Sequim To Blyn 3-2-15 (See, S.)

Sequim To Blyn 3-2-15 (Serkes, R.)

Dungeness Spit 2-23-15 (Davenport, N.)

Dungeness Spit 2-23-15 (See, S.)

Anderson Lake 1-26-15 (Davenport, N.)

Anderson Lake 1-26-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Hurricane Ridge Snowshoeing 1-19-15 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Hurricane Ridge Snowshoeing 1-19-15 (See, S.)

Bainbridge Island-Grand Forest 12-29-14 (Davenport, N.)

Heart of the Forest 12-22-14 (Serkes, R.)

Heart of the Forest 12-22-14 (See, S.)

Elwha Bridge And Fish Hatchery 12-15-14 (Davenport, N.)

Elwha Bridge And Fish Hatchery 12-15-14 (See, S.)

Elwha Bridge and Fish Hatchery 12-15-14 (Serkes, R.)

Spruce Railroad Trail 12-8-14 (Serkes, R.)

Lake Mills And Altaire Campground 12-01-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Adventure Route East 10-24-14 (Serkes, R.)

Port Ludlow 11-17-14 (Davenport, N.)

Port Ludlow 11-17-14 (Serkes, R.)

Mt. Walker 11-10-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Notch Pass 11-03-14 (Serkes, R.)

Notch Pass 11-03-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Humes Ranch 10-27-14 (See, S.)

Humes Ranch 10-27-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Miller Peninsula 10-20-14 (Serkes, R.)

Fort Flagler 10-13-14 (Serkes, R.)

Adventure Trail 10-6-14 (Davenport, N.)

Adventure Trail 10-6-14 (See, S.)

Adventure Trail 10-6-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Wolf Creek 9-29-14 (Davenport, N.)

Wolf Creek 9-29-14 (See, S.)

Badger Valley Loop 9-22-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Deer Lake and Beyond 9-15-14 (Serkes, R.)

Deer Lake and Beyond 9-15-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Hurricane Hill to Ranger Station 9-8-14 (See, S.)

Hurricane Hill to Ranger Station 9-8-14 (Serkes, R.)

Tubal Cain to Tull Canyon 9-1-14 (See, S.)

Tubal Cain to Tull Canyon 9-1-14 (Serkes, R.)

Grand Ridge 8-25-14 (Serkes, R.)

Grand Ridge 8-25-14 (See, S.)

Tunnel Creek to 5050 Pass 8-18-14 (See, S.)

Tunnel Creek to 5050 Pass 8-18-14 (Serkes, R.)

Buckhorn Pass 8-11-14 (Ferris, B.)

Ozette Triangle 8-4-14 (See, S.)

Heather Park and Pass 7-28-14 (Serkes, R.)

Heather Park and Pass 7-28-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Royal Basin 7-21-14 (See, S.)

Royal Basin 7-21-14 (Serkes, R. and Gritman, P.)

Mount Townsend 7-14-14 (See. S.)

Mount Townsend 7-14-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Buck Mountain and Rainbow Falls 7-7-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Upper Big Quil To Marmot Pass 6-30-14 (Ferris, B.)

Whiskey Bend to Dodger Point Bridge 6-16-14 (Serkes, R.)

Lena Lakes And Beyond 6-9-14 (Davenport, N.)

Lena Lakes And Beyond 6-9-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Big Hump And Beyond 6-2-14 (Klimecky, V.)

Big Hump And Beyond 6-2-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Kloshe Nanitch 5-26-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Dosewallips River Trail 5-19-14 (Davenport, N.)

Dosewallips River Trail 5-19-14 (Serkes, R.)

Grindstone & Camp Handy 5-12-14 (Davenport, N.)

Grindstone Camp 5-12-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Deception Pass North 4-28-14 (Serkes, R.)

Deception Pass North 4-28-14 (See, S.)

Mt Zion and Sleepy Hollow 4-21-14 (Serkes, R.)

Gazzam Lake 4-14-14 (Serkes, R.)

Gazzam Lake 4-14-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Spruce RR Trail 4-7-14 (See, S.)

Spruce RR Trail 4-7-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Little River Lower Trail 3-31-14 (Stevenfeldt, J. & See, S. & Davis, G.)

Lower Gray Wolf 3-24-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Fort Worden 3-17-14 (Serkes, R.)

Fort Worden 3-17-14 & Lower Gray Wolf 3-24-14 (Davenport, N.)

Slab Camp To Duncan Flat 3-10-14 (Stevenfelt & Serkes)

Lillian River Campground 3-3-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Port Gamble South 2-3-14 (Serkes, R.)

Barnes Creek 1-27-14 (Serkes, R.)

Snowshoeing 1-20-14 (Serkes, R.)

Snowshoeing 1-20-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Herrick Road to Altair Campground 1-13-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Thompson Spit 1-6-14 (Serkes, R.)

Thompson Spit 1-6-14 (Stevenfeldt, J.)

Slab Camp to Deer Ridge 11-25-13 (Stevenfeldt, J.)