Welcome To The Monday Ramblers

We Hike The Olympic Peninsula...

Welcome To The Monday Ramblers...

On behalf of the Ramblers Steering Committee welcome to our hiking group. If you haven’t had a chance to look at our website, please take a few minutes to do so. Most especially, read the page entitled ABOUT US which will present to you our hiking philosophy. In a nutshell it goes something like this, “Let’s go for a hike and have a good time but let’s not forget about our safety.”

Each week on Wednesday or Thursday you’ll receive a reminder about the upcoming hike. The reminder will include distance and elevation gain if this information is available and other pertinent information will also be included. This should help you decide if a hike is a good fit for you. Unlike some local hiking groups we don’t require that you sign up for a hike. If you want to go just show up at the Sequim parking lot. If you don’t go on a hike one week we’ll see you the following Monday. The Ramblers like to keep things informal when possible. And for those hikers who live in the Port Angeles area we will pick you up there when our hikes take us west of Sequim. That information will also be included in the weekly reminder.

One of the Ramblers traditions is to unwind after a hike with coffee and a goodie of some sort. Volunteers bring the coffee and goodies but you will need to bring your own coffee cup. Don’t worry, we’ll fill it for you. After coffee and goodies we head back to Sequim. Another tradition is to encourage hikers to bring a pair of shoes and a bag of some sort for the trip home. Hiking boots can get pretty muddy so as a courtesy to the drivers and to keep the cars clean it’s nice to take your boots off, put them in the bag and wear the clean shoes home. If nothing else it’s just nice to get those heavy boots off after a hike.

One other “heads up” you might need before your first hike is a caution to bring a few dollars with you to reimburse the drivers for their expenses. The fee the passengers pay the drivers varies as the price of gas varies so check the weekly reminder where you’ll find the current fee. Of course, if you volunteer to drive then your passengers will be paying you.

If you're new to hiking there's a fairly comprehensive list of gear to bring on the Bits-and-Bobs page of this website.  Please look it over.  Having the right gear can make hiking a lot more pleasurable than not having what you need.

If you still have any questions about the Ramblers please feel free to contact anyone on the Steering Committee. All of the names and email addresses are available to you below this welcome.  You can also use the "Contact The Monday Ramblers" form if you find that more convenient.  


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